9 Days Tanzania Safari in style

On this trip, visit Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti and Tarangire National Park, three of Tanzania’s most iconic wildlife areas and beauty spots.
Check out the incredible Ngorongoro Crater, beautiful and full of wildlife, traverse the length of Serengeti, staying in two of the very best wildlife locations in the park. Look for big cats, elephant, buffalo, rhino, wildebeest and much more on game drives with outstanding guides.

Stay in superb, small and personal safari camps and take guided bush walks around the camps, seeing the detail that you miss from a vehicle.

Day 1 :: Arusha

Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport, where you’ll be met by our representative. Transfer to Arusha Coffee Lodge for the night. Situated on an aromatic, working coffee plantation, these raised, private chalets have log fireplaces and large balconies overlooking Mount Meru. Meet and greet your guide, who will sit with you for a trip briefing before your departure the following morning.

Day 2-3 :: Tarangire National Park

Following an early breakfast, we will drive to Tarangire NP where we will spend two days of game drives looking for eland, oryx, wildebeests, zebras, lions, leopards, gazelles, hartebeest and a sizable elephant population that call the park home. The Tarangire River runs through the landscape, that supplies the park with water all year around. Walking safaris with a ranger and guide are also available. We overnight at Tarangire Tree Tops Lodge.

Day 4 :: Ngorongoro Crater

This morning, we’ll continue our drive to Mto Wa Mbu to visit the ccolourfullocal market. We will stop for a fresh lunch made with organic, just-picked ingredients at Gibbs farm. In the afternoon, we arrive to Ngorongoro Crater, a 2,000-foot deep caldera resulting from a collapsed volcano cone. We will be passing through dense vegetation until a breathtaking view across the crater floor appears. The crater floor is home to a fascinating microcosm of East African wildlife — from buffalo to flamingos, lions to leopards — almost 30,000 animals resides inside. We will spend the night at The Manor at Ngorongoro where East African hospitality meets with old-world Afro-European architecture and decor.

Day 5 :: Ngorongoro Crater

This morning, following our breakfast we descend 2,000 feet to the crater floor. Observe the interactions of predator and prey; spot colorful birdlife from Marabou Storks to Crowned Cranes; and track elephants, rare black rhinos, cheetahs, and more. It’s not unusual to see the “Big Five” (lion, rhino, elephant, leopard, buffalo) in a few hours time. We spend a full day game drive here, before we had to back to our overnight accommodation on the crater rim.

Day 6 :: Serengeti National Park

This morning we drive to Serengeti National Park. On the way, we stop for a privately guided visit of a Maasai Boma, where we will meet the chief of the village and learn about this fascinating tribe. As we continue on, we visit Oldupai Gorge, where you learn about the origins of humankind. In the sixties, some of the earliest archaeological deposits of human evolution were found here and a small museum reports these discoveries. We enter the park at Naabi Gate and continue with a game drive before arriving to your accommodation. The name “Serengeti” comes from the Maasai word “Siringet” and means “endless plains”. It undoubtedly is the most famous wildlife sanctuary in the world and is unequaled for its natural beauty and has the greatest concentration of game anywhere. Annually, the Serengeti also hosts the spectacular Great Migration, when a flurry of wildebeests and zebras arrive in search of grass and water. Watch the sunset while sipping sundowners at Dunia camps, a luxury tented campsite, where we’ll spend two nights.

Days 7-8 :: Serengeti National Park

We spend two days on morning and afternoon game drives in the park. In addition to the “Big Five” (lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards and rhinos), you may also encounter the lesser-known “Little Five”— ant lions, rhino beetles, leopard tortoises, buffalo weavers and elephant shrews. You may spot them peeking out from behind stones or near-hidden amid acacia branches. Keep your camera handy in the event you glimpse cheetahs bolting across the landscape. This evening, join fellow guests in an exchange of safari tales around the campfire while sipping sundowners and enjoy a memorable farewell dinner.

Day 9 :: Arusha

Fly to Arusha. Relax comfortably in a dayroom in anticipation of your homebound flight. Arusha Coffee Lodge (dayroom)



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